Dos & Don'ts of A Phone Interview

Congratulations! You are one step closer the position of your dreams; you’ve made it to the phone interview. Phone interviews are typically used by companies to narrow down the list of candidates to the ones they want to bring in for an in-person interview.

Why Online Education Works for Working Adults

Online education is changing the way adults earn degrees because of the flexibility to balance education with work and family lives. This article from U.S.

10 Career Opportunities for Criminal Science Graduates

Are you considering a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, but worried you will have to go to graduate school in order to start your career? There are plenty of opportunities for Criminal Justice majors after graduation. The following are 10 career opportunities waiting for those who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Science:

Let's Lunch: How to Ace Your Lunch Interview

Dining out for lunch or dinner is usually a pleasant experience, unless you are being interviewed while you eat. While lunch interviews are less common, you need to be prepared for all types of situations in order to ace your interview. The following tips will prepare you for your upcoming lunch interview.


7 Steps for Interview Dress Success

Congrats! Your resume and cover letter landed you an interview at your dream job. But now you must decide what interview outfit will show both your personality and professionalism. If you are agonizing over what to wear to your interview, follow these seven steps in order to dress for interview success.

1. Interview Attire Has Shifted